Internet Banking

Multiple Levels of  Authentication
The use of Multiple Levels of Authentication protects the privacy and the security of your personal information. This security feature uses a unique image together with a unique phrase to help certify that you are entering the bank’s website, and not a fraudulent look-a-like site. Additionally, this security feature provides you with added safety by helping us to identify you and prevent unauthorized access to your accounts.

When you visit your branch office, you can identify us and we can identify you. Your unique image and phrase enables you to identify us over the Internet. When you enroll in multi-factor authentication, you select both an image and a phrase known only to you. Whenever you log in, the image and phrase are displayed so you can be sure that you are accessing our real website, and not an impostor site.

We can identify you by checking any computer that you are using to access our website. Typically, you access our website from one or two computers, such as your work and home machines. Either way, our website will remember your computer, preventing potential fraudsters from logging in to your account even if they acquire or guess your login ID and password. Should you need to login from a different computer, such as from an Internet café, additional steps are taken to verify your identity through a series of challenge questions that you set up during enrollment.

Above all, this security feature provides a significant increase in the security of your online banking over standard login ID and password authentication.

Logging in to Internet Banking
If you mistype your password, or make another login error, three times the system will lock you out. This feature is a security item that helps protect the system, the financial institution, and your data. If this happens to you, contact your financial institution representative.

Warning: If you do not recognize your Login Image and Phrase, do NOT enter your Password.